Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We're very blessed - living in NZ, being part of a great church and a House of Prayer! Compared to where we used to live where the soil was very hard, it's like we've planted our kids in real good soil! And they're thriving.

And as they are getting blessed, so are we as parents!

A couple of days ago, Kylie came into the kitchen and told me that she'd just seen an angel in her bedroom. She was visibly shaken/touched and a little terrified (in a good way) - kept putting her hand over her mouth - she was in "awe".
I asked her what the angel said and she responded: "Don't be afraid" - Sound familiar?!
Not much has changed since Bible times, aye?!

Last night, we went to a meeting at THOP with Allen Hood from IHOP Kansas City. For lack of a babysitter (everybody wanted to go), we took Shayden and Kylie. And boy I am glad we did!

Kylie told us after the service, all excited: "God touched my heart tonight during worship! I was praying for my friend Julia (ear-ache) and she was praying for me (cough). And then he came and took away all the black in my heart and the emptiness. And it felt so good, and I cried."

By the way, both girls were well today! Praise God! What a blessing!
We've been praying for God to intervene in Kylie's life, as she's been struggling with a few issues over and over again (the ones that make your heart "black"). And we knew that only an encounter with Jesus would take care of them. We're SOOO thrilled!

And Shayden exclaimed last night as we left the building, with clear, loud words:

"GOD" ~ mumble mumble ~ "POWER" ~ mumble mumble ~ "MEANIES".

He kept saying "God" and "Power" over and over again! We were amazed, as he'd never even said the word power before. He must have had some kind of revelation too while he was mostly sleeping through the service.

the two with guinea-pig "Rosebud"

Leilani's has had a couple of powerful prophetic words over her life.

Jeremie is thriving in his Discipleship Training School - soon going on outreach to Tahiti...

I LOVE what God's doing!!! Keep it up, God! We want MOOOORE - revelation - glory - presence - fire - LOVE!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Life's been so full-on ~ ~ ~

I'm happy to have Rich back home!!! Our house is full and will stay that way for quite a while- 5 nationalities under one roof (1 American, 2 Germans - 2 half American/half Germans, 1 Maori, 1 Fijian and 1 Tahitian/Chinese). In spite of our big house, one is staying in a caravan outside (at HIS request), since we ran out of rooms.

It's fun! Not a dull moment! We take turns cooking. This week we had Chinese food, Italian, German, tomorrow American and Sunday - hmmm, African (we switched from rice and beans on Sundays to rice and lentils - it's even cheaper and easier to digest, but not sure it's African)?

Anyways, just read something on somebody's blog that struck a cord in me and I wanted to share it. Africa is still VERY MUCH on my horizon - I'm busy preparing for a fundraiser next Saturday.

Maybe I'll share more another time. Tonight, have a look at this excerpt from this blog (a family that adopted a HIV+ child from Uganda)

...I read a quote the other day that said "Today it is very fashionable to talk about the poor. Unfortunately, it is not fashionable to talk with them." WOW! that is such a true statement. How many "humanitarian" projects do we have going on? I bet if we were to do a poll of the people that live in other places that are poverty stricken, they would say that they would rather have people come in and TALK and TOUCH them than anything else. I know this to be true because of the trips that I have taken to Africa, these people want to be held, touched, looked in the eye. They are STARVING for love...

Oh YEAH, that's what I'm longing to do!!!! JUST THAT!!! Sit with them, hold them, touch them, look them in the eye, talk to/with them, and if they're older: listen to their stories, LOVE ON THEM!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!