Monday, July 28, 2008

Interesting day

Just the way it always seems to be as soon as Rich goes on a trip - - -

Woke up to one of Jeremie's school shoes (remember he has to wear a uniform with specific shoes!) filled with - - - excuse me - - - yucky runny stuff that happens when a cat's digestive system isn't working quite right... yay! Welcome Monday! (he's done similar "tricks" already twice in the last couple of days)

Then the van broke down just before dinner on the way back from Leilani's piano lesson - had to leave it at the store - seems that the alternator is broken... yay again! It'll need to get towed to a garage tomorrow to get fixed...

In it, the blessings are:

1. Leilani cleaned up the cat's mess - without being asked! Isn't that sweet?!!!!!!
2. We are covered by AA road service and can get help easily when the van breaks down.

Too tired to say more - - - good night!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So much to say...

... so little time... :) - Here's the short version:

  • I LOVE God!

  • I LOVE Rich, my wonderful husband!

  • I LOVE my amazing children - all 5 of them!!!!!

  • I LOVE life!

  • Rich flew off to Sydney for a training with Rescue-net today - I will miss him

  • We've been having a nice week-end with great company from Tahiti, Rich's birthday (early celebration) and never-ending, yummy food (shashimi today - raw fish with rice and a special sauce - YUMMMMM!!!)

In case you're interested in what Rich will be doing, here's an excerpt from an email we got about his training for the next 2 weeks:

"This will be a very exciting course that has been designed to expose you to the various elements of Emergency Relief including, Search and Rescue; Disaster Psychology; Disaster Childcare; Fire Suppression; Field Awareness; Radio Communication; First Response Medicine, Landmine Awareness, Hostage Conduct and much more.

Due to the dangers, the personal hardships, etc, we recognise that this field of work requires very special personnel, so this course then becomes the perfect way to test your skills and abilities, your strengths and weaknesses, and to really push the physical and emotional boundaries. Be told! - this is most definitely not your average YWAM course!!"

Rich is very excited and I can see how he will thrive in this field - and it's just the beginning:)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Awesome week-end!

What an awesome, awesome week-end Rich and I had! Truly one to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Things on the home-front went very well, too!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!
And thank you, Leilani - you are a champion and your HUGE help with Shayden and Kylie this week-end made all the difference!!!!!!!
Of course, our baby-sitter-friend was also great, but Shayden was ok because of you, Leilani!
Go, girl, go!

And most of all - thank you, Father, for such an incredible opportunity to reconnet with my man!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1 year already!

Shayden has been with us for exactly one year now! WOW!!!
When he arrived at 6 months old - supposedly for 2-3 months - it didn't take him long to conquer our hearts with his pleasant personality and ready smiles!

He has gone from a small, passive, reflux baby who could not hold his head up, let alone a toy nor roll over (he hardly moved) to a happy, active, inquisitive, smiley, giggly, tantrum-throwing toddler - crawling and just about walking by himself and making loud noises (no words yet), communicating very well with gestures and sign language (he does about 7 signs).

Unfortunately, he has only gained 1.5kg (just over 3 pounds) in this year - - - which could make me feel really bad... It probably would if I was a first time mommy.

But - working with doctors, dieticians and therapists - I know that it has nothing to do with me :)

His just-about refusal to eat is most likely psychological and also linked to fetal alcohol syndrome, which we just found out he has. Yes, poor little guy! I feel so bad for him for all he's had to go through already in his short life that will have an effect for life - and for all he's going to have to go through in the future!

Unless God does a miracle for him, the words HOPE and a FUTURE don't seem to fit his diagnosis.

This is really hard to accept - and I am not accepting it. God wouldn't be God if there was no HOPE for this precious little guy!
I love him to pieces - and despite this love, Rich and I have felt not to commit to "permanency" for him. We are just not sure that we are supposed to be his forever family. It's been the most heart-wrenching decision to make, but we feel peace (now).
Social services have been looking for another forever family for him (adoption isn't possible, just permanent foster care), but up to now they haven't been able to find anybody.
We are willing to keep Shayden until a family can be found for him - even if it takes a while.
I am praying daily for the healing of his deep inner wounds, as well as the brain and also his arm and hand. GOD IS ABLE TO DO IMMEASURABLY MORE THAN ALL WE MAY ASK OR IMAGINE!!!
I count myself BLESSED to have been entrusted with him "for such a time as this" and I absolutely, thoroughly ENJOY every day with him!
Shayden, you are a delight!!!
Here's a photo taken a few days after he arrived at our home:
This is one year later - notice the same outfit (unfortunately) still fits him - although I must say that it was big at first, now it's almost too small :)
This is his reaction when you ask him, "How big is Shayden?"

On his new car that we got him on this 1-year-GOTCHA-day! We had sold his Christmas-gift (he had outgrown it) and were able to get this cool car 50% off at the exact price we sold the other one for. Not sure who was happier - he or me - or Kylie, who is on it more than he is :)

Playing in his very own bedroom - YAY!!! I am thrilled to have a nursery for the first time ever !

Just one more thing: Could you please pray for him for this coming week-end? Rich and I have felt that we need some relaxing alone-time and are going away for the week-end to a "Week-end to Remember" marriage retreat. We are really looking forward to it!

Shayden has not been away from me since I went to Fiji last year for a week (and that didn't go well for him) and we're not sure how he'll do being taken care of by somebody else. She's a friend of the family and will come to our house, where all the other children will also be, but it will still be a big challenge for him. Pray that he wouldn't feel abandoned and rejected (again), but somehow secure in the love of God and at peace! THANKS HEAPS!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moved in!

So sorry for the long silence - for those of you wondering how our move went.
Well, it was definitely not easy and I am so glad it's over (asking God, as usual, if this could PLEASE be the last move!)
It wasn't necesserily stressful, just extremely exhausting: the amount of work it takes to move 7 people, plus a demanding, sick toddler, plus me not feeling well. Then, to top it off, my back started hurting really bad for the 2 main days of the move, so that I was lying on the floor most of the time, getting up every so often just to do the minimum - in much pain... no fun!

Thank you so very much if you have prayed, though, because in spite of all the difficulties, we could sense God's grace and got precious help of friends just at the right times!

I am still not feeling 100% and completely exhausted, since I haven't been sleeping well at night.
So, I'll keep this short.
We all LOVE the house and feel VERY blessed!!!

Jeremie took off this morning for his missions trip to Samoa. He got his finances together in the last minute. Even got a couple of gifts from complete strangers... an amazing GOD-story!

We'll have a visitor from Fiji for a week starting Saturday, so I'll try to get the house organized a bit more before then.

Oh, I almost forgot: the BIGGEST, BeStEsT NeWs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We received a letter saying that we got our PERMANENT RESIDENCY for NZ two days after we moved in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catch up later... would appreciate your continued prayers for full restoration and good sleep at night!