Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Too good to be true

What did I say about this possibly becoming the least stressful move ever?

This is my third day fighting a cold and not feeling up to doing ANYTHING at all besides resting. I am barely getting the basics done to keep the household running ... It's like all my energy has been sapped and the work is getting piled up - with just 2-3 days left before the move. Arrrggghhh!
Shayden also has a cold - which means endless wiping of a little nose, not so good nights (last night was better) and a bit of a cranky baby needing lots of TLC - Tender-Loving-Care - for you Germans reading this:)

COULD YOU PLEASE PRAY FOR US TO GET BETTER REALLY QUICKLY and for us to get the remaining work done without another HUGE stress??!!!
I would soooooooooooooooo appreciate that!!!! Thanks!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

... been thinking...

Every move is a little (or not so little) *death*- experience. This one is not so bad, since we're not moving countries or cities, just 5-minutes down a few roads. Yet, I'm a bit sad about moving away from where we have been for the past 15 months.

What I will miss:
  • the gorgeous water view we were blessed with in this house
  • the flowers in the garden - in spring and summer
  • my daily walks to Kylie's preschool - my only exercise - 10 minutes one way - and
  • socializing with neighbours, greeting and being greeted by familiar faces while walking - I enjoy that:)
What I am looking forward to in the new house:
  • SPACE!
  • Having a bedroom to ourselves again to retreat to if we want to - to be together as a couple or talk on the phone - no more talking in the car or in the bathroom in the evenings (with always at least one teenager in the living room and Shayden in our bedroom)
  • AVOCADOS from our own tree 6 months out of the year - and other fruit-trees!
  • Car-pooling with friends close by to all kinds of activities
Anyways, we are making some good progress with the packing. This might possible become the least stressful move "ever"? Could it be????
I won't be able to tell 'til it's all over and done:) - there's still 2 weeks and HEAPS of work!