Monday, July 19, 2010

My heart has been gripped...

... and at times ripped, by the situation in a Ugandan "orphanage" talked about on this website.

If you don't read anything, please just have a look at this short video ~ ~ ~ and join me in prayer for these oh SOOOO precious children in need of the basics of life - including somebody to love them!

Rich and I are hoping to be able to visit there when we go. We'll see...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing Study Tips

For some of you, this may be news:

I am going to home school Leilani again - starting ~ ~ ~ TOMORROW!!!

It was her who insisted on coming back home, as she really wants to concentrate on her studies and gets too distracted by fellow-students at school.

So here we go - another adventure!

It's been a VERY intense 5-6 weeks since we made that decision, getting ready, having to do a crash course as her supervisor, getting an exemption from the ministry of education, ordering materials etc.

I never wanted to home school. Thought I'm not cut out for it.

And I have already home schooled for 6 years (in the past).

I never thought - EVER - that I could home school a high school level! NEVER wanted to do that!

And now we're doing it.

Hmmmmm ~ ~ ~ amazing how we can get stretched ~ ~ ~ and learn SO MUCH in the process!

I'm actually quite excited about it! We are under the umbrella of Home Schooling NZ and the materials we will use will permit Leilani to work mostly on her own. OUFF!
Through this programme, she will be able to gain university entrance - both in NZ as well as in the USA.

In the process of preparation, I came across some outstanding information on different study tips from Terry Small.

Leave me a comment (or send me an email - as some of you do) - and I'll send you a word file with a summary of the most interesting facts and tips for studying more effectively and efficiently! Just HAD to share... It is FASCINATING and I wish I had known this information a LONG time ago!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rich is back home!!!

Rich left Manila just hours before a bad typhoon hit - once again.

I feel so bad for the people there - they have to go through so much!

On the other hand, I am grateful to have Rich back home with us!!!!

Here are a few photos of our trip to Auckland to pick Rich up - and you'll get to see what we did after that :)


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A call from Manila...

Rich's two weeks in the Philippines are just about finished and I'm looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night!!!

He called me this evening from a HUGE mall close to the airport in Manila.

It was surreal.

I could hear the back-ground noise of the mall (he was skyping from an internet cafe) while I was just lighting the fire in our fireplace and getting dinner ready.

AMAZING - how 2 so different worlds can get connected so easily nowadays!!

I remember when we first moved to the islands, we didn't have a phone, let alone computer or internet - and the only way of communication was snail mail...

I'm sooooooooo glad things have changed - hehe!!!

Rich LOVED his time there! His favourite part was praying with/for people during the altar calls! Even saw some healings! GO GOD!!!!

Here are a few photos - taken by Jenny Mollison - to give you just a little "taste" :)

Great news from the Philippines

This is an exciting update posted on facebook by Jose, the one who heads up "Impact World Tour" in the Philippines:

Last Saturday night with Team Xtreme in Compostela – 195 were first time commitments.

Last night (Sunday) with Island Breeze we saw 372 respond to the Gospel message.

Both nights the gym was packed. Saturday night we had a huge problem with the overflow crowd outside trying desperately to get in – so last night we put a screen and sound system outside and had about 800 people watching there. All in all we estimate there were about 3500 people watching Island Breeze last night.

We also had events in Monkayo over the past 2 nights, with approx. 2 – 3,000 people and with great results.

Saturday night was an incredible time.

The Governor of the Compostela Valley Province and the Mayor of Montevista (the town the teams are staying in) both attended the opening of the event in Monkayo.

After speaking and watching for some time – they travelled to Compostela arriving just in time for the final preaching of the Gospel and altar call. Honorable Governor Uy was the first to raise his hand and come to the front when breakdancer Daniel Kim (from GX Intl.) called those giving their lives to Jesus.

The Mayor also responded to the altar call coming to the front with all those giving their lives to the Lord for the first time. God is doing remarkable things here in Mindanao!

Team Xtreme had the opportunity to meet with the Governor early last week and had a great time with him. He also arranged a press conference for Saturday morning with representatives from the National Media companies.

Once again – thanks for praying! This week we will be in the southern region of the Compostela Valley – Mabini, Maco and Pantukan. We have 3 events in Maco, 2 in Pantukan and school assemblies in Mabini. Please pray for health for the team members, as we have several with colds, some minor injuries and one with minor illness. The team members are quite tired as there’s lots of travel in open trucks where they get wet and then dry again. Although it’s hot – this is probably not great for their health. The travel this week will also be quite gruelling as it’s 2hrs to Pantukan from Montevista where they are staying.

Thank you for standing with us!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kylie cracks me up!

Kylie presented us with this "story" that she claims is true.

I don't have a clue if this is her prophetic gift in action or what ~ ~ ~

You must forgive her spelling - we're still working on that part of her writing - hehe

Here's my gift of interpretation in operation:

Title: Adopted children

There once was a girl who was called Isabel. She wanted to adopt 7 children. But she had no money. That was the problem.

When Leilani asked her if that decoration at the bottom of the page was a butterfly, she said: "No, it's an aeroplane!"

It totally cracks me up that she would write this!!!

I REALLY DON'T TALK to people - let alone Kylie - about my desire to adopt more children.

She doesn't read my facebook comments about adoption - nor my blog.

We definitely don't EVER talk about lacking money to do anything - especially adoption!

Where does she get this from?

Maybe from God???????

I've been THINKING about adoption again lately - even though it doesn't make any sense, if we're meant to do something with African orphans ~ ~ ~ especially since we can NOT adopt from Africa at all as NZ residents.

To top it off, I get an email from one of my German nieces today.

She had a dream about me - first one ever.

She saw me in a boat with 12-tuplet babies (does that word exist???)

Then I remember a dream that another acquaintance had of me about a year ago or so:

I had asked her to come and baby-sit for me (which I never have). When she came over, there were not the 5 kids she expected, but 20!!! She was a bit overwhelmed with all the work involved to care for them all...

Hmmmmmm ~ ~ ~ interesting ~ ~ ~ something to ponder on!
Quite exciting actually!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great first report...

... from the Philippines!

Rich wrote a short email last night (he only gets back to a computer after I'm already in sleepy-land) saying that he went to a school outreach with one of the 3 teams yesterday. There were 2,000 students - most of them responded to the Gospel presentation! YAY! Go, God!

It is a very poor area - and I can just imagine how easy it would be for young people to BELIEVE in God's love. They've got nothing to loose - everything to gain! (and I know that the Gospel is preached in a very radical way, not focusing on what we can get out of it, but us laying down our lives etc)

I remember ministering in another part of the Philippines many years ago - and people would literally follow our team, pretty much begging us to tell them how to become Christians! It was quite amazing!

"Blessed are the poor..."

Lord, continue to protect, anoint and use the teams as they go out daily - to bring hope to the hopeless, life to the "dead" - love to the downcast - you, JESUS, to the lost!!!

I woke up early today with a dream in which Loren Cunningham (go figure, NO IDEA why I had a dream of him!!!) said with great urgency in his voice: "The time is NOW to bring in the harvest. It is URGENT. Time is short!"

All I can say is - YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

All is well...

... with Rich in the Philippines and us at home!

Got to talk to Rich via skype last night - interesting phone conversation ~ ~ ~ had close to 10 tries and yes, we did get to communicate some...

Today the teams went out into schools to present the Gospel - there are about 70 schools that will have gospel presentations this month!

Saturday night, Leilani made pizza for us. Some with japalenos...

When Kylie was eating, she blurted out: "Im gonna be eating a Philipino..." (meant to say Japalenos) - hehe!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

So glad...

... that Rich arrived safely at his destination in the Philippines!

That's all I know. For now.

Thanks for your prayers!

Off to do the dishes. and an early night. i'm tiiired...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Impact World Tour in the Philippines

Rich left home more than 2 full days ago ~ ~ ~

By now, he SHOULD have arrived at his destination in Mindanao, Philippines.
Haven't heard from him yet - still waiting "patiently".

He will help launch the "Impact World Tour" in the Philippines (he'll be there for 2 weeks).
Watch the video below and you'll know what it's all about!

No, he will not do the preaching, he's one of the guys behind the scenes, but VERY vital - especially when you look at events with hundreds/thousands of people.
And, he will also be ministering to the people that will come to know Jesus, praying for them etc.

Exciting stuff!

Praying for safety, health and a POWERFUL time, as the Gospel is presented!!!!
(will update the blog as soon as I find out more - and I get a free minute)

Impact World Tour in Korea