Uganda Projects

Hope In Villages+ (HIV+) is a sponsorship program of our church Changepoint in collaboration with YWAM Uganda. There are 80 sponsored children.
Our goal is to bring about lasting change in incredibly impoverished communities through strengthening vulnerable family units that would otherwise be at risk of abandoning their children due to poverty.
One of our sponsored children Rebecca's mother was just on her way to jump into the Nile river her 3 children to put an end to their misery due to poverty when our sponsorship program came along and gave them new hope for a future.
Christine was destitute 5 years ago, with no hope for an education. She would work people's fields and bring her meagre pay to the school to pay for schooling - only to get laughed at and sent away as she was WAY short.
Christine is now a radiant young lady that has finished her secondary schooling. She has now started a business with our micro-business-scheme.
She loves God passionately and I was blown away when I saw her leading worship and taking care of the younger children in our discipleship camp SO beautifully!
Whereas most of the children's caregivers used to brew alcohol behind their huts, they now meet under the mango tree instead for Bible-study and prayer.
The woman who used to perform abortions in one of the communities is no longer doing them.
Children's and women's lives are getting transformed. Women are slowly working their way out of poverty through the sponsorship, savings- and micro-business-schemes.  See our fb page for more information.

Maisha Africa - maisha means life - was started by our (now) 'adopted' Ugandan daughter Praise when she was only 15 years old. The ministry has developed from rescuing and caring for street- and orphaned children to include a school for 340, 2 churches, outreaches and hopefully soon a clinic.
At the moment, Maisha Africa cares for 40 orphaned children.
After Praise did her Discipleship Training School in NZ in 2013, she asked me to co-lead the ministry with her, so I get to do that (YAY for the internet!) through mentoring, communication, fund-raising, training and oversight of the finances - the last two with the help of Jewel Anita and John, (both YWAMers in Tauranga) who have been GOD-SENT!
It's been an incredible ride - seeing God breathe on Praise's HUGe sacrifices and POWERFUL prayers to do miracle after miracle!
Where children had not blankets, mosquito nets, safe drinking water and only sporadic food 5 years ago, they now have their basic needs met, go to school and get trained up to be the most passionate Jesus-lovers!
Little Erina (6/7) had only recently been rescued from a horrific situation when she had a vision of Jesus coming and sitting on her bed, smiling at her and asking her what she wanted. When she replied that she wanted to sing really well, he went and got a guitar and started singing with her. Since that time, she is regularly ushering in the presence and power of Jesus as she leads in worship.
Provision for daily needs as well as a number of needed new buildings/facilities and a well have also been AMAZING - obviously through people - but in the most unexpected and even miraculous ways!
Check out this fb page for more information.

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