Friday, November 25, 2011


Even though our family only occasionally celebrates the American THANKSGIVING,

Yes, I know - shame on us... (just being honest here)

and this year we are not (Rich is away at a training and we have too many other things happenin')

it is SO GOOD to reflect on all the many blessings I am grateful for this past year!

  1. I am LOVED by my God - 
unconditionally -
no matter what - 

secure and resting in his loving embrace!


2. My wonderful family  - each and every one -

here in New Zealand

in Uganda

in Germany

in the USA

in Australia

For the love we share, for health, protection and provision for all our needs! 

We are abundantly blessed!

3. Friends all over the world, supporters, prayer warriors, churches without who we could NEVER do what we're doing!!! 


4. The amazing GOD-connections in Uganda this past year  -

precious, affectionate relationships with WONDERFUL people there

who have become friends and family

that I feel tremendously honoured to partner with!!!

The emails that we exchange when we're not together move me DEEPLY on a regular basis!

5. That GOD has released close to US$30,000 through individuals and churches from several countries for the orphans and widows in Uganda in the past year!

Even though it feels like a drop in a bucket of needs, it is a start and 


have been released through every dollar invested into 








and even some fun - see here and here!

And that's without me doing anything structured - yet.
 I feel unorganized, incapable and weak,
but offering the little bit of "oil" (time) I have
and my voice
to knock on all my neighbours' doors
and ask for containers (donations)
that would hold GOD's miracle of provision
so that the fatherless won't get taken away into slavery (literal and figurative)
and can have HOPE for a FUTURE!

Have a read through 2.Kings 4 if you don't understand my analogy - :)

And to the GREAT PEOPLE he's placed in my life!

I am SOOO blessed!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I LOVE the heart of GOD!

"He will rescue the poor when they cry to him;

he will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them.

He feels pity for the weak and the needy,


He will redeem them from oppression and violence,

for their lives are precious to Him."

Psalm 72, 12-14

one of the children in the home I wrote about in the last 2 posts

And He, the ALMIGHTY creator of the universe,

has CHOSEN to work through YOU and ME to accomplish this!

What a privilege!

What a responsibility!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

These are the children in the home that I wrote about in the last post.
The words they are just singing here are - in English:

"If it weren't for the blood of Jesus, we'd be lost forever."

I'm still in  tears about what's happening... especially knowing that this kind of thing is happening all over to the vulnerable children...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


If there is one thing that gets my blood boiling,

it is when I hear about the devil going after people - 

especially innocent children/orphans.

I have just heard about a situation in one of the children's homes that I visited in Uganda that curdles my insides with horror.

Satanists, disguised as ministers, offering to help pay the rent 

- for months already - 

then asking information about the children to share with a group who want to come to Uganda 
(from abroad) 

to help with the ministry, 

reassuring the leader that "they are all good people, they just worship S*tan".

Offering to build a house and give them whatever they need,

wanting to be their friends.

Thank God that the leader was led to discover this.

She has taken a very bold step, as she does not want to be found by these people.

who are now harassing her on the phone.

She is going to take the children and move to a village where she has some land.

With money that she had saved up for a "Discipleship Training School"

and the upkeep of the home for while she was going to be gone,

she has started to build a simple 2-bedroom house in the village.

Now she's run out of money.

There is no roof yet,
Plus, she can barely feed the children, as she spent all she had to get the house built.

Ok, you (secret) readers of my blog,

if there has EVER been a time to PRAY, it is NOW!

This beautiful, courageous woman of God needs us Christians,

worshippers of God

to come alongside her in her intense time of need 

right now!

Things are very challenging for her.

(I'm not sure yet how much more I should share, 
I could tell you her name and show you a photo, just not sure right now)

She is an INCREDIBLE woman, I can assure you!
Her love, faith and sacrifice for the children humble me deeply!!!

I would also like to boldly ask you

to consider giving some money

so that the children can get fed

and the house finished!

C'mon people!

Let's do this and come alongside this most courageous young woman

full of faith

and ease her burden!

Please email me (email at right side bar) and I can tell you how you can give.

100% (minus bank transfer costs) of what will be given will go straight to her


Saturday, November 5, 2011


THANK YOU for your prayers for Shayden's surgery!

It went as well as it could have possibly gone!

playing the waiting-game isn't hard when you've got the TV to distract you

the inside of the hand before surgery
in the play-room of the hospital

in the hospital-gown now - - - getting closer

Everything was very peaceful and smooth.

happy as can be

getting rolled down to the operating theater - "Where are they taking me?"

just minutes to go - Dad looking funny (ready to go in with him until he's "out", which was only 10 seconds, as he was very relaxed and didn't fight the gas)

Shayden was happy and not at all anxious during the whole time!

No tears - even after he woke up!

just waking up

barely conscious and right away blowing to get the wheel moving

lots of books and his favourite DVD "Chip and Dale" kept him distracted during recovery


What a champ our little guy is - so brave!

And he hasn't even complained about his cast yet

Even though he can barely do anything by himself anymore now.

We even have to feed him

 and give him drinks.

So far - so good!

Now he'll be in the cast for 4 weeks...

THANKS AGAIN, if you've prayed!
We DEFINITELY felt "carried" by God's wonderful PEACE and GRACE!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shayden's operation

Tomorrow morning, Rich, Kylie, Shayden and I will travel to Auckland to Starship Hospital.

Shayden is scheduled to have surgery at 12:30pm.

The goal of the surgery is to give him one functional thumb, as at the moment he has none.
His thumb is like another finger and he can't use it to grasp things.

They will take a tendon out of his ring-finger and put in on his thumb.
They will also give him the "web"-type skin next to the thumb.

It will be on his right hand - his better one (which is a slight club hand) and after that he is going to have a cast for his whole right arm for a month.

Could be interesting.

We'd LOVE you to pray for him!

He's already been showing signs of anxiety, even though we haven't been making a big deal about it.

For him, just saying that we're going to Auckland obviously causes some sort of "stress".

This morning he said to Rich: "We gonna stay in trailer (caravan)?
He's possibly thinking that we're going to repeat our USA trip... 

The other night, when Rich and I went out for a date, he was inconsolable (until I proposed a DVD for bedtime story). He thought I was going to leave again for a long time...

Poor thing!

I can only imagine what's going on in his little mind, but one thing is for sure:
He needs our prayers!

He's not been sleeping much - going to sleep at 10pm, waking up at 5-5:30am, and hardly a nap.
Except tonight - he did go sooner.

This is not typical for him.

We will only stay at the hospital one night and should be back in Tauranga on Saturday afternoon/evening.

I'll be updating you then.