Thursday, August 26, 2010

Have a look...

... at this short video of the evangelistic campaign that Rich had the privilege to help with last month in the Philippines.

It's worth your time - encouraging!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Worth it all

This morning, I was a bit down/sad/teary as I'm really missing Rich ~ ~ ~ it's getting looooong.
He's been gone now for almost 2 weeks and we have 8 more days to go...

The last few days, Shayden has been a bit of a challenge. Lots of tantrums, hitting, biting Kylie and his body that isn't passing stool the way it's supposed to (this has been ongoing - many days, I have to change a dirty diaper up to 10 times and no, potty training is nowhere near on the horizon).

It's pretty much guaranteed that every time I need to leave the house ~ in a hurry ~ I find out he did another smelly "number" and needs to get changed again ~ which he always fights, too.

Anyways, as most moms, I spend a considerable amount of time in the car, driving kids here and there. I usually really enjoy it as I get to worship Jesus ~ with some good worship music playing.

For a few days now, the CD player in the car has been broken and there's been no music - sadly.

So, this morning, on the way back from Kylie's school, I just started singing my favorite song (at the moment) ~ I have been playing that song over and over again in recent times. It's been bringing lots of strength and comfort to me!

As I was getting to the chorus,

"What a faithful God have I,
what a faithful God.

What a faithful God have I,

He's faithful in every way."

... I hear Shayden joining in from the back-seat (in his car seat).

I could hardly believe it! This little boy who barely talks, was singing along with me, right tune and all. And we sang the song over and over again together.

It soooo melted my heart!

Shayden worshiping Jesus with me ~ no greater JOY for this momma!!!

This made my day - and it's only 9am!

YES, everything we pour into our children's lives ~ and mostly the example we give ~ is NOT lost or wasted!

All the nitty-gritty, unpleasant part of caring for little ones day in day out, training them, sacrificing so much (it seems sometimes) -


Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is what I woke up to this morning.

Last night, I hadn't had a very good night and didn't feel like getting up right at 6am, when Kylie and Shayden woke up - especially on this rainy, dreary, cold winter Saturday...

So Kylie had mercy on me and told me to rest a little longer. She got Shayden changed, dressed and played with him for a while. When I got up she told me not to come out into the living area but to stay in the bedroom for a little longer.

Suspense ~ ~ ~ what was "cooking"? Definitely not breakfast, I could tell that much.

When she finally allowed me to come out, she had prepared a treasure hunt (too cute, with arrows showing different directions!). The treasure hunt brought me to this:

She had made a huge welcome poster for John, our friend who arrived last last night (while she was sleeping) ~ all her initiative, all her idea, glitter and all ~ and Shayden even got to participate in the artwork ~ see scribbles on the bottom.

How precious is that?! LOVED it!!!! (and I think John liked it, too)

Friday, August 13, 2010

A YWAM base crippled by theft

Just read this - what a tragedy - and what a contrast to the DTS that Jeremie is doing at the moment...

Can't help but feel for our African brothers and sisters ~ ~ ~ let's pray for them, shall we?!

A YWAM base crippled by theft / News / News & Stories / / Home - YWAM

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Proud mama

I've just GOT to brag on two of my daughters today. They both blew me away yesterday!

Here's Leilani ~ quite upset at me (how can anybody be upset at ME?!! LOL) just before I leave the house with Shayden.

I come back home after 1 1/2 hours and find that she has taken laundry down the line (we don't use dryers in NZ), folded it up and put it where it belongs. I hadn't asked her to do this.

THEN ~ I venture into Rich's and my bedroom ~ and there was our bed ~ MADE (yes, I didn't make it first thing in the morning)

Not only that, but on top of the duvet were pretty flower petals everywhere...

and 2 flowers from the garden in the middle (yes, we do get some flowers here even in the winter!)...

and a beautiful, very touching poem, giving me the highe
st praises as a mother...

That I was shocked is an understatement!!!

When I asked her WHY she did this, she answered:"I felt angry at
you ~ and so I decided to do something nice for you."


I can learn a lesson or two from my 15-year-old!
And if we all reacted that way every time we were mad at somebody, this world would be a whole lot of a better place - dontchathink?!!!

Way to go, Leilani! I couldn't be prouder of you!!! And I'm not even talking about all your huge help with Kylie's birthday - cake, decoration and all!!!!

Thank you so much for all you ARE and all you DO to make this family what it is!

Later in the day, Kylie reported to me that Shayden had filled his infamous diaper (yes, he's not potty-trained yet and it will be a while still). As I didn't react immediately (many days he does IT up to 10 times) Kylie took matters into her own hands.

I didn't know what she was up to until I was getting concerned because it was so quiet in the house. I asked Leilani to check up on the 2. And there was Kylie with Shayden, in Shayden's room, changing mat on the floor and changing all the big-D-yuckiness - without saying a word.

A am a very blessed woman!!! THANK YOU, WONDERFUL GIRLS!!!