Monday, February 23, 2009

"Slumdog Millionaire" - date

As I expected, Rich passed his tests with flying colours! Congratulations, honey, you're a legend! (NZ expression)

Last night, Rich and I had our weekly date, lying on lawnchairs in our backyard, watching the Movie "Slumdog Millionaire" with a blanket wrapped around us to keep us warm in the late summer evening. During our little chat before we started the movie (on our laptop), I was once again overwhelmed with GRATEFULNESS for God's AMAZING love and blessings in our lives!!! As we looked out over our neighbour's pasture, a group of sheep came close to us, bah-ing along - - - in the distance we could see some water from the bay... how romantic!
Everything was beautiful and calm. WOW! How blessed are we to live in such a place?!!!

I remembered a pastor's prophesy many years ago that one day, God was going to give us a big house so that we can really excercise our ministry of hospitality. I remember thinking, "Yeah, right! That would have to take a major miracle - probably won't ever happen!"
It's been over 10 years, but God DID the miracle!!! We're in a six-bedroom house and exercising hospitality, too!!!

And for an incredibly low rent!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! You came through with your promise in spite of my unbelief (this has happened to me quite a few times already - I should maybe learn a lesson?!)

The movie left me DEEPLY touched and the tears started rolling in the darkness underneath a gorgeous star-light sky, my inside guts turning and turning with compassion. Even though I haven't been to India, I've personally witnessed the life of street children in the Philippines and in Brazil - and I am forever impacted by them!!!

What a contrast between my so blessed life and the daily reality of hunger, survival (or not), violence, loneliness, betrayal, suffering etc that MILLIONS of children are facing RIGHT NOW - all over the world!!!

All I can do is cry out to God to have mercy on them and send them somebody to love them, rescue them, feed them, keep them safe.

All I can do is say to God one more time, tell ME to DO anything about it, and I will do it! I am willing, just make it clear WHAT I should do.

I am passionate about the orphans! I want to make a differenc with my life! Not stay in my lawnchair and enjoy the sheep and stars - although that's definitely a nice way to hang out with my hubby from time to time:)!

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