Monday, December 7, 2009


... WITH GRATITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew - - - if you have prayed for Nathalie and Lewis' wedding - and us - THAnk YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

It was an absolutely fabulous day and I can't keep my tears back for feeling SOOOOO blessed!!!!

The ceremony did take place at the chapel instead of the beach, because of the weather, but it didn't matter at bit - not even to Nathalie, she said! She said it was the perfect day and there's nothing she would have wanted any other way (and she is easily disappointed). The weather was perfect for the photos, too.

It was very intense all the way - with me not being able to sleep for almost a week - just too much excitement for me all at once - and Nathalie coming down sick.

In the end, all worked out marvelously, I did get a good night's sleep on the last night (should have gotten those sleeping pills earlier - duh..) and Nathalie did, too, and she was feeling all better and looked radiant!

All I can say is - THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

There is no better way to plan and have a wedding than with Holy Spirit!

He's the BEST - reminding, prompting, inspiring, helping, strengthening, enabling...

And the blessing didn't end with the day.

Yesterday is still like a dream - sitting in our sunny garden (first time since winter) with my brother from Australia with his wife and 4 boys, my other brother from Germany, my niece from Germany, and close friends from Tahiti - - - enjoying a brunch and catching up!
Rich's parents had already left in the night.

We hadn't seen my brother from Aussie and family for 8 years!!!

In the afternoon, we all went to the beach and the kids had a blast in the waves.

Kylie discovered her new "best friend" - cousin Gabriel. It's too precious to see the 2 of them hand in hand, playing in the waves, eating at our little table...


AND - God provided for all our financial needs, too!

How else could it have turned out...


Photos to follow sometime...

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