Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting away with my beloved!

This blog has been quiet - very quiet. - I know - - -

Life has been full-on - in a good way - and I am just starting to recover.

Before the next wave of busy-ness, with YWAM's Jubilee coming up in a week, then Call2All, then Auckland (Children's hospital for an exam for Shayden/YWAM meetings), then Great Barrier Island for a week (IWT yearly staff retreat), Rich and I get to go away this Sat/Sunday to have some time catching up with each other. YAY!!
AND - pre-celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary that is coming up at the end of February (with Rich away).

Nathalie and Lewis will take over the parenting-role of Kylie and Shayden. Wonderful!!!
And good practice for them, too - hihi!

Here's a photo of us, taken at the wedding:


Nathalie said...

beautiful picture of you two, mom! hope you enjoy your weekend :)

Trena Wanless said...

Have fun! Sounds great!! I'm ready for one of those weekends with my hubby! Does Nathalie want to fly over here and watch my kids???? :)