Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In case you've been wondering...

... I am still alive - and well... - more or less.
I feel like I've just arrived at the finish-line (hopefully) of a 6-month marathon.
Extremely exhausted.
After 40 guests in our house in the last 10 weeks - the last ones left yesterday - I've had to refuse 3 more lots of guests that asked to stay with us yesterday - nope, sorry!
Time for catching up - rest - family - - - everything and everything has suffered from my/our intense busy-ness.

If you want to read something VERY inspiring/challenging, click here for a new entry on Katie's blog in Uganda.

Hopefully I'll be "back" in bloggy-land soon :)


Kimmie said...

hOpe you will be back to blog land...40, you certainly are popular! I am glad you were able to say no to the last is it that you've had so many guests as of late.

Looking forward to hearing more about your heart and what you are doing. xoxox

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Isabel said...

thanks for asking, Kimmie! it's not that we're popular as much as that we have a big house at the moment(rented), are part of a community (YWAM and House of Prayer), there have been big conferences, a wedding, a training school finishing with graduates needing a place in the interim - and yes, some friends in the mix, too - and our pastor from Germany with his daughter. it's been fascinating, having koreans, samoans, americans, germans, kiwis, tahitians and australians :)
sorry i haven't been able to keep up with reading your blog... hope to be back soon :)
i'll be praying for your fundraiser this week-end (our wedding-anniversary)! May it be a huge success - in every way! xoxox