Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a few photos

Kylie fell off a tree (2m high) on Sunday and hurt her foot (no break, ouff!). She's almost healed now, but has been getting a kick out of walking around on crunches (as she says).
In this photo she's also showing off her 2 missing front teeth - - -
And - believe it or not, Jeremie sprained his ankle on Monday and had to be on crutches, too.
Thankfully, he too is pretty much healed already, which is amazing, since he's had other sprains and he knew this was a bad one.

Thank you, Jesus!

Here is Kylie with a little rabbit that Nathalie and Lewis found at their farm house one morning last week. Nathalie brought it to us and Kylie instantly fell in love with it!
Sadly, it was too young to be separated from its mother and died the next day...

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Pete and Danielle Gordon said...

what are the odds of 2 kids on crutches at the same time?! They could have races and all sorts of fun!! (Not that I'd suggest that of course!)