Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Uganda update

Taking the few quiet minutes in our household - and the little strength I've got (battling sickness again - argggh) to tell you some exciting things. In my mind, I would've already written a book here, but to actually get around writing ~ ~ ~ another story - hehe!

Last week, I woke up with a feeling of "panic" one morning (not really, but the closest word to describing it).

It hit me that we were already October and our planned trip to Uganda was "just next month"!!!!!!!

How in the world was everything going to come together - from all the arrangements for childcare etc at home - to actually having the necessary finances to jump on that plane (or let's say 8 planes total?) - to making arrangements for our 2 weeks there.

Most of the time, I've been in total faith and peace about the whole thing.

But last Friday - NOT!

On the way to the Prayer Room, I just shot a short prayer up, telling the Lord that he needed to quiet my heart, speak to me and in some way confirm that we are actually REALLY supposed to go.

The first thought that hit me as I sat down in the Prayer Room, a Scripture:

"And here they were - overwhelmed with dread - when there was nothing to dread"


Thank you Lord!

After THOP, I went by our church office to make arrangements for a second book sale fundraiser. While I waited to see the person I needed, I ran into a man I'd never met before.
We got talking, and - believe it or not - he was from Africa (white Zimbabwean).
Long story short, I shared about our vision to help orphans in Africa and he said he will help us get there!

I came away SOOO encouraged!!! Who knows if he actually will help us (many times people promise things and don't keep them), but it doesn't matter.

The Lord had heard my cry, quieted my soul and confirmed that YES, we ARE meant to go.
Just the faith-booster I needed!

Lord, this was YOUR idea - YOU are the father to the fatherless, defender of orphans and widows! You put this passion in my heart - and gave the word to GO there - this year!
And go we will! YOU make the way! YOU provide! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!

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