Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY (or not so happy?) NEW YEAR!!!


2011 is DONE!
2012 is HERE (at least in New Zealand!)

There's much to say, but for now, my heart is preoccupied with this situation.

The latest news - as from this morning - are:

This precious young lady, caring for 17 orphans, was supposed to move out of the rental yesterday.

The house in the village is not ready to move into.

She's got no money to do anything.

She was going to ask the landlord to allow her one more week in the present house with the rent paid at the end of the week.

Not sure if this was okeyed (it's still Sat in Uganda now).

Together with the Orphans Know More leadership, we think it might be best for her to rent another place for 3 months while hopefully finishing the house in that time.

Could you please PRAY for Praise and her children?
For GOD to open up a solution for her and the children?

If you want to help with money for rent (or towards finishing the house) -

we need US$600 (3 months rent) - NOW!

Just send me a short email and I will let you know how you can give.

If you're in New Zealand, you can give online here (mark: OKM - Praise) and the money will be sent off as soon as it shows up.


Talk later - gotta get ready for church.

HAPPY    NEW    YEAR    TO    YOU!!!

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