Thursday, September 27, 2012

"I love you so much, Mom!"

Those were the words that Kylie had quickly scribbled down and handed to me as we were just sitting down for dinner last night.

While we were eating, she told me that:

"Just having a Mom makes you feel 
so safe 
and good 
and comforted."

How true!

My thoughts immediately went to little darling Joseph in Uganda, who is in the hospital right now with malaria.

He has no Mom.
He has no Dad.

Josef during my visit at his school in February

But he has found somebody who's taken on the Mommy-role.
Or rather - she found him!
She's 26, single and looking after 24 treasures.

Oh - how comforting to know that she is with Joseph right now in the hospital!

And I'm sure her presence comforts and reassures him in this difficult time.

So glad he doesn't have to suffer somewhere on the streets

 - all alone - 


 like so many thousands of children worldwide!

Thank you, Praise, for being Mommy to Joseph today!

Yup, after a 3-month blogging-brake, due to extremely busy life-circumstances

 - including an 8-week trip to Europe - 

this is my jumping-back-on-board post.

Motivated by God's Father- and Mother-love for the orphans, 
I will keep pouring out my life, 
doing my part, 
so that many more Josephs can experience the love of God tangibly - 

through Praise and others like her!

Welcome back :) !

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