Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Balancing Act

I can't explain it.

It's definitely not perfect circumstances 
(although I do have to admit that I am very happy to be back home!).

I have this incredible JOY bubbling out of me - so much of the day.

I feel like I could explode with happiness!

First thing in the morning

When I go to bed at night

And many times in between (with definite exceptions!)

My heart is smiling.

I KNOW this is GOD!

He just tickles my heart

and does me good!

My Daddy!

Oh, how I love him!!!

He's the BEST!!! 

My LIFE, my JOY, the reason I can sing!

(S)he who has a glad heart has a continual feast 
[regardless of circumstances].
Proverbs 15,15

I've been mostly playing a catch-up game since coming back a month ago.
Getting the house back in order (kind of).
Preparing for home-schooling Shayden next year.
While home-schooling Kylie  - and trying to figure out if I should continue with her next year or send her back to school...
Filling up the kids' love cups after very busy months.
And - oh yea - catching up with Rich, too.
Can't forget the wife part - oopsies!

 I love being a Mom and find it hard sometimes to be so torn between my kids here and my kids in Africa. Part of me would love to JUST be a wife and Mom and do the very best possible job, nurturing my kids, pouring everything I've got into them, giving them THE BEST.
And then I'd love to be a devoted grandmother,  too - of course!

But then - there are my other kids - and pouring myself into the ministry definitely takes away from my kids here. It's quite a balancing act and I'm not always successful.


Up to you to choose which one I am - hehe!

I guess for me it comes down to a justice issue:

Why should my kids have EVERYTHING

and other kids - whose faces I have before me continually - 


How are my kids any more special than the thousands and millions that are silently suffering?

Truth is - they're not.
I love them to pieces - but how about those who have NOBODY?


And the one who has 2 coats needs to share with the one who has none.

And this is not just materially and financially,

but also TIME.
'Nuf said for tonight.

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