Tuesday, January 1, 2013

She called me "Mum"!

My heart is leaping for JOY on this 1rst of the 1rst of 2013! 

What an AWESOME God we have!!! 

Exactly one year ago, I wasn't such a happy camper - see this post  

and my memories vividly come flooding back to me about that day.

My outrage turned into prayers, 

turned into a blog/facebook post, 

turned into a temporary answer  

just hours later!

Last night, I found out that these same children - plus some - 

were eagerly looking forward to their New Year's Eve last night.


Because last year at the same time, they spent the night in prayer about their situation.

And they saw GOD answer their prayers beautifully - and then some - this past year!

So - they couldn't wait to again spend New Year's Eve in prayer - and THANKSGIVING -
in anticipation of their FATHER hearing their prayers!

GOD has allowed new connections for Praise and her children this past year that are bringing lots of love, care and much needed provision to them.

And it all started with my broken tooth during my last visit to Uganda!

The director of International Voice for the Orphans is now Praise's adopted Dad!
How about that for a huge blessing?!!

I was moved to see photos on facebook recently about their Christmas party this year!
What a contrast to last year (and my visit with them in February!)

The children were wearing nice clothes, they had a good meal with meat, there were balloons, and they got to go swimming at a pool for the first time ever!

I sneaked one of the photos for you to see (hope you don't mind me doing this, Praise):

Just tooooo wonderful to see these children so happy and blessed!!!

But that's not all!

Friends of mine from Tauranga, who live in Uganda serving the orphans and vulnerable children, felt to move close to the community where Praise lives with the children - this month! - to come alongside what she is doing there! 
(If you watch the video on their blogpost you can see some footage from a recent celebration at Praise's house for the official inauguration of the school she started - the dancing part in the beginning of the video)

I couldn't be more thrilled!

Oh - no - wait!
 I could!

Praise's and my hearts have really connected in a deep way since we met, and I've been feeling like a mother to her for a while now.

Well, guess what?

She has been calling me sister this whole time (which is fine with me, too), but yesterday, she told me that I was like a Mom to her - and started calling me Mom Mum (Uganda-way)!

AWWWW - that just melted my heart and put the cherry on top of this year's 'cake'

That's exactly what I feel my calling is:

 to be a MOTHER

to my own children

as well to many others 
(in the nations).

During our wedding - almost 25 years ago - a friend had a picture of Rich and me surrounded by many children of many colours - way too many to be our own! 

YAY GOD - you're doing it!

Who says that a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom can't be used by God on a 2-week trip to Uganda to bring about connections that will have far-reaching fruit -

and are starting to transform a whole community?!!

What's that inscription on the remaining part of the Berlin Wall again?

"Many small people
Who in many small places
Do many small things
Can alter the course of the world."


What would we be able to witness if we ALL did SOMETHING to care for 

the fatherless, 

the broken, 

the poor, 

the lonely, 

the lost?!!




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Elizabeth said...

Wonderful blog, Isabel. You are indeed a Mother to many and the Lord is so delighted to find your heart big enough to share His love to our broken world.
Sending much love and blessings to all the Betts family & loved ones - in NZ, in Germany, in USA, in Tahiti, in Uganda and all around the world!