Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We had decided not to take in any more children as we were at capacity and just barely able to care for the 40 children we had.

And then Praise was asked yet again to rescue a little girl from a horrific situation. 

This time, we felt to make an exception and take her in.
An aunty was supposed to pick her up soon and care for her. 
(never happened)

Fast-forward to one year later - almost exactly to the day:

Last Friday, Praise led a big all-night open-air worship and God-encounter in Eastern Uganda.

She had organised it together with Moses, who works there.

They were almost going to cancel it due to lack of funds.

Pushing through, borrowing money, they went into the night.

And things were hard.


The wind was howling,

thunder kept going off,

dark rain-clouds were threatening with rain.

And yet, surprisingly, it was clear everywhere else except at the event scene.

The sound-system was only working off and on.

Praise and the 15 children/teenagers she had brought with her, 
(they are powerful worshippers, prayer warriors and ministers!)
supported by others, 
were not able to break through into the presence of God as they usually do

in spite of praying and worshipping.

A group of young men were arrested after their plan of ambushing a local pastor next to the toilet to beat him up was thwarted through a girl over-hearing their scheming.

Then, when the presence of God finally started to be manifest, 

a man came onto the stage and started to verbally and physically create havoc, trying to stop everything.
He was very obviously an agent of the devil and after an intense struggle, 
even 4 strong men were barely able to carry him off the stage.

By that time, it was 3am.

Praise started praying again.

They heard a car drive off with great commotion.
In it was the man and a whole group who had obviously been the source of all the battles.

Then Praise felt to pass the microphone to the little girl I told you about.

photo taken at another time during the evening

Erina started worshipping.

She is only 4 or 5
(we don't know her exact age)





We are talking hundreds of people!

GOD had taken over! WOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

And what followed was nothing short of a




display of God's SPLENDOR!

While Erina continued in deep worship

SCORES of people got delivered from demonic oppression

COUNTLESS People got healed

MANY gave their lives to Jesus! 

It was indescribable!

Praise had never seen such a battle

nor such a victory!



When everybody left the venue in the morning,

they noticed that it had been raining everywhere all around

EXCEPT where they had been!

There had not been a drop of rain!

I know I don't write much on this blog these days,

but this HAD TO BE documented

for the GLORY OF GOD!

There IS a story behind Erina's supernatural anointing.

That will be for another post.
Stay tuned...

"Through the praise of children and infants
you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger."
Psalm 8:2

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Elizabeth Cottell said...

Praise the Lord, how wonderful.
God has so anointed Praise and Moses - and all their young ones.