Thursday, January 21, 2016


My - oh - my - the VERY VERY EXCITING news announced in my last blog post is now already a bit old, and has been followed by a lot of other EXCITING happenings, but for the sake of keeping some sort of record on this blog, here I go.

It IS coming

 in the next blog post,

as there is some other VERY EXCITING news I would like to share first!

By the way, I really DO enjoy writing on here, it's like a hobby. 
As you may have guessed by now, hobby-time is rare these days, but hey, how glad I am that I have written what I HAVE written over the years! 

Kylie and I have recently spent some fun moments reminiscing and laughing as we read stories from long ago, including this very first blog I started 10 years ago. 
Such a neat way to record things I would otherwise forget.
Though these news coming I for sure won't forget - EVAAH- hahahaha!

So - the first EXCITING news is that

has been renamed, as our ministry is now reaching beyond giving orphaned children
a home, to also encompass

  • a school and a soon-to-start boarding school to give impoverished children a chance for an education 

  • wholistic community development and strengthening of vulnerable families in order to prevent orphans

  • and hopefully sometime in the not-so-distant future a medical clinic in the community that does not have easy access to health-care.


Are you ready for the new name - and logo?




Maisha means LIFE - and that's what we're all about - YEAH!!!

And here is our motto:

Walking alongside children and youth to achieve their full potential by impacting their lives, families and communities

Read on for the next news - which IS the VERY SPECIAL NEWS I promised to share with y'all.

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