Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Emotional as I remember....

I am remembering with much emotion how deeply my heart was touched and challenged 

exactly 5 years ago today 

by the plight of Praise and her then 20 children in a very miserable condition


freezing at night due to lacking blankets

no mosquito nets to protect them from malaria

only sporadic food

disgusting drinking water that they had to get from far twice daily

in a village where she had moved with the children and also started a school with then 90 children.

"I had no choice. The children HAVE TO go to school"

she explained to me when I questioned her about starting a school in their deplorable condition, 
even living in an unfinished house.

"Our amazing God has turned our suffering into JOY!",

she told me yesterday as she also remembered....

If you want to read up on my blog post from that day, have a look here.

Together with her husband Moses, we are now privileged to 

provide family for 40+ orphans

strengthen families at risk of abandoning their children

educate 340 vulnerable children in our Pre-and Primary-Schools through

and impact many more people and 2 communities through the 2 churches that Praise and Moses have started. 

The churches are to become the vehicle through which lasting community transformation will be happening (working on that).

Buildings don't even come close to reflecting what God has done,

but here are 3 photos that do tell at least part of the story.

The second storey of our Primary School is just receiving its finishing touches before getting painted. The financing of it was an absolute mind-boggling miracle of God Almighty!

And - if you want a taste of the exuberance and confidence of Praise and Moses' children in particular, that thrilled me to bits during the 

BIG 5-YEAR CELEBRATION of the school

knowing where they have come from....


5-Year-Celebration of Young Achievers Christian School, Uganda from Isabel Betts on Vimeo.

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