Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kylie's first sleep-over

I know, I know - - - it's been a while - - -
We've had a couple of weeks of school vacation - a great time to take things just a bit slower and have some good times - mostly with Kylie - and visitors. It seems like there's a constant stream of visitors =)

With Nathalie gone and Jeremie and Leilani working at kids camps, it sure was much quieter (and cleaner, I may add) around the house.

Everybody always blames Kylie and Shayden for the mess in the house (toys and food crumbs everywhere), but let me tell ya, it's not just them - - - haha!!!

Kylie had her first sleep-over EVER! Her friend Sarah from the neighbourhood insisted she was ready for it and Kylie kept bugging me, so it was a done deal. Oh, maybe not all that done...

After some fun playing, dinner, a movie with popcorn, a looooong bubble-bath,a story and a prayer, the drama started when I left the room. At first, I heard some quarelling I tried to ignore while working on the dishes, then the volume got more and more intense, including crying, and when I checked, sure enough, Sarah was in tears.

Kylie always wants to sleep in the pitch-dark, and Sarah needs to have some light. AHA - there was the problem.

By the time I arrived, Sarah had made up her mind that she wanted to go home to her Mommy!

Well - that was too much of a disappointment for Kylie and before I knew it, she was now in tears. With both girls crying, between sobs, Kylie suggested to Sarah that she would surely be able to find a spot in the room that was dark (she proposed to sleep underneath her bed!), while leaving the door open with light coming in for Sarah. What a compromise!

But Sarah REALLY wanted her Mommy and there was no changing her mind.

So, with Kylie bawling, I had to try to get ahold of Sarah's mom (which didn't prove an easy task for some time).

Sarah got picked up and Kylie DID go to sleep eventually.

What a flop of a first sleep-over... I felt so bad for Kylie... she had SOOOO been looking forward to it for a very long time =(

Oh well, I'm sure it won't be the last one =)

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