Friday, December 5, 2008

Up North

This week, Rich, Shayden and I traveled about 4-5 hours north - to participate at a missionaries get-together and visit friends on the way. Rich and Shayden just stayed one night and then went back south to be with the other kids, whereas I am staying the rest of the week.
The organization that handles all of our administration from Germany, Globe Europe, requires missionaries to report back at least every 3 years (it´s actually been 4 for us).

I am enjoying some free time - when else can I get to spend 2 hours in the morning fellowshipping with God?!!!

One of the great things about being a missionary is that you get to rub shoulders with some extraordinary people! I´ve thought this many times and this week is no different.

What a caliber of people, many of them young families, who work in very difficult circumstances!!!

I am sharing a room with 4 ladies, all single. One working in Romania, one in Albania, one getting ready to go to Central Asia and one that JUST arrived back from Mozambique!
Amazing ladies, giving up their lives to LOVE - in Jesus´name!

After spending every free minute catching up on sleep (I was sooo tired!) the first couple of days, I am now enjoying socializing with the others.

I even got to play a game of "Fussball" (Tischfussball) yesterday with 2 of our missionaries from Africa. One of them is African, married to a German, the other one is German. Both have young children. Incredible people!

So as you can see, I´m having a bit of fun here - also got to play some ping-pong with the African brother. The only down-side is that I MISS MY FAMILY!!! Wish they could be here, too!!!
(because of space restrictions, nobody was allowed to bring children.)

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