Monday, January 12, 2009

Leaving Germany

Whew! These last 7 weeks in Germany have gone by like a whirlwind...
Just a little last minute cleaning, a few hours of sleep and then we'll leave at 5am to drive to Frankfurt and get on a plane at 10am for a 12 hour flight.
Right now I'm exhausted. And thankful. And cold.
It's been the longest cold-streak in Germany in about 100 years - with temperatures of minus 10Celsius... brrrr

We were welcomed with snow and are leaving in the snow - nice! (even though it wasn't enough snow to go sledding here in the village).

If you think of us - we'd appreciate your prayers for smooth and safe travels and for Kylie and Shayden to sleep at least some of the time (last time they pretty much didn't sleep).

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