Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day off, yeeehaaaaaaa!!!

What does a woman do when her amazing hubby takes over her "duties" on a Saturday and she gets a few hours to herself??? Hard choice, really! I could fill up a lot more time, but that's it for today :)

Of course, first enjoy sweet time with Jesus (he's the BEST and makes her heart melt)

Read a few books to some cute little fellow (whose first words every morning are "book - book, pukapuka (maori)")

Go to the gym and work out (thanks to incredibly generous friends who are paying for me to FINALLY get fit!!!)

Browse around some shops (and get a few things for a soon-to-happen birthday in our house - shhhh!)

Spend a few minutes on giving her blog a long-overdue make-over (wishing she could spend LOTS of time, updating you with all the happenin's - but that's gonna have to wait. For now, let the viewer understand the hint in the make-over - hihi)

Go to the store and ask how to take videos off her camera and onto the computer (dud! I know I am challenged, but hey, even my very smart son couldn't figure it out...)

Go on a walk by the beach, listening to messages on "The Spirit of Adoption" on her new ipod (a gift from her wonderful mother for her birthday!)

Watch her beautiful daughter play beach-volleyball and then bring her and her friend home at 3pm
(she's on a 2-day camp to improve her already amazing volley-ball skills!)

EXCITING, aye?!!!

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Pete and Danielle Gordon said...

Sounds like a perfect day off & well earned!