Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is what I woke up to this morning.

Last night, I hadn't had a very good night and didn't feel like getting up right at 6am, when Kylie and Shayden woke up - especially on this rainy, dreary, cold winter Saturday...

So Kylie had mercy on me and told me to rest a little longer. She got Shayden changed, dressed and played with him for a while. When I got up she told me not to come out into the living area but to stay in the bedroom for a little longer.

Suspense ~ ~ ~ what was "cooking"? Definitely not breakfast, I could tell that much.

When she finally allowed me to come out, she had prepared a treasure hunt (too cute, with arrows showing different directions!). The treasure hunt brought me to this:

She had made a huge welcome poster for John, our friend who arrived last last night (while she was sleeping) ~ all her initiative, all her idea, glitter and all ~ and Shayden even got to participate in the artwork ~ see scribbles on the bottom.

How precious is that?! LOVED it!!!! (and I think John liked it, too)

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