Monday, August 23, 2010

Worth it all

This morning, I was a bit down/sad/teary as I'm really missing Rich ~ ~ ~ it's getting looooong.
He's been gone now for almost 2 weeks and we have 8 more days to go...

The last few days, Shayden has been a bit of a challenge. Lots of tantrums, hitting, biting Kylie and his body that isn't passing stool the way it's supposed to (this has been ongoing - many days, I have to change a dirty diaper up to 10 times and no, potty training is nowhere near on the horizon).

It's pretty much guaranteed that every time I need to leave the house ~ in a hurry ~ I find out he did another smelly "number" and needs to get changed again ~ which he always fights, too.

Anyways, as most moms, I spend a considerable amount of time in the car, driving kids here and there. I usually really enjoy it as I get to worship Jesus ~ with some good worship music playing.

For a few days now, the CD player in the car has been broken and there's been no music - sadly.

So, this morning, on the way back from Kylie's school, I just started singing my favorite song (at the moment) ~ I have been playing that song over and over again in recent times. It's been bringing lots of strength and comfort to me!

As I was getting to the chorus,

"What a faithful God have I,
what a faithful God.

What a faithful God have I,

He's faithful in every way."

... I hear Shayden joining in from the back-seat (in his car seat).

I could hardly believe it! This little boy who barely talks, was singing along with me, right tune and all. And we sang the song over and over again together.

It soooo melted my heart!

Shayden worshiping Jesus with me ~ no greater JOY for this momma!!!

This made my day - and it's only 9am!

YES, everything we pour into our children's lives ~ and mostly the example we give ~ is NOT lost or wasted!

All the nitty-gritty, unpleasant part of caring for little ones day in day out, training them, sacrificing so much (it seems sometimes) -


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