Saturday, June 11, 2011

Please pray for us

Took Kylie to the doctor this morning as she's had a bad night - with an earache.

We are flying out in less than 2 days.

Doctor said she's "unfit to travel", but he will allow her to travel - "at our risk".
She's on antibiotics but that's no guarantee that it'll get better.

Hmmm, I think we need some prayers here for quick healing in Kylie's ears.

I have also have blocked ears for over a week now (no pain, though).
According to doctor, there's a secondary infection...

Our mighty, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring God is ABLE to bring HEALING to both of us!

Thanks for praying! Appreciate it!!

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Danielle Gordon said...

Hey Isabel - praying big time for you all. Poor Kylie, at least it came up 2 days before you fly out, not the day you fly out! Not that God needs the extra time! Looking forward to miraculous reports of healing, and praying that everyone else stays well and fit to travel! xx