Sunday, June 26, 2011

What would YOU do???


  • You were the 7th child to your 22-year-old mother

  • Your father was killed when you were in your mother's womb

  • You had to be taken to be raised by your grandmother, because your mother just couldn't take care of you/feed you

  • You were raised in the slums by your grandmother, along with about 24 siblings/cousins most of whom had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS - in a tiny "house"

  • You spent most of your childhood fending for yourselves, trying to find food at the garbage dump where the "rich people" dump their trash.

  • You came to know JESUS at the age of 13 and became part of a good church.

  • Your grandmother died when you were 14

  • You were 16 and started seeing little children all around you that had NOBODY to care for them, feed them, love them???

What would YOU do???

Praise did what she felt Jesus would do:

Take them and love them and trust God to provide for all of them.

Needless to say, 10 needy children later,

left on the streets and struggling to survive,


After a long time of prayer, these words came to her mind:

youth having mission

Going to an internet cafe, she typed in the words "youth mission" and guess who she ended up finding???

The Youth With A Mission leader for Uganda,

Who is the man who started

Orphans kNOw More

Need I say more???

This precious 24-year-old single girl with her 10 children have been living with his family (with already 21 children - 16 adopted) since January of this year.

This is what she says:

"At the moment, I am praying for my own land so that we may build a home there and have sufficient space to grow food to feed all the children, and even help more children. I have a vision of building a school for abandoned, orphaned and disadvantaged children and spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."

We may not be able to do what Praise is doing.

But we can do something

That's why we're doing what we're doing at the moment.

Fundraising is neither fun nor easy,
but we will continue to travel and share

and PRAY

for GOD to open hearts

so that Praise can continue loving and caring for her children

and many more people like her, too!

They do what they can do,

let US do what WE can do!!!

Every dollar given (go to the website above, marked "Praise") goes straight to Uganda to help this beautiful ministry.

Sorry, got no photo of her family at the moment.

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Danielle Gordon said...

beautifully written and so compelling... we can ALL do something, we SHOULD all be doing something. Praying for open ears and hearts as you continue to share her story - that people will be moved to action.