Monday, August 29, 2011

A different baptism

Saturday was wonderful! Spending time with friends, and Richard, our son! 

When I arrived at the place of the baptism, I thought, "Wow, this is nice! Looks like a great beach." And yes, it WAS beautiful! But then I was told that swimming in Lake Victoria is NOT an option - unless you want to risk getting REALLY SICK!

I couldn't help but remember the clear, sparkling stream that we baptized Leilani in many years ago in Tahiti - or the swimming pool in our church in NZ that Nathalie and Jeremie got baptized in.

Getting baptized here is a whole different ball-game, when you have to take medication to try and prevent getting sick from being dunk... and then are still not sure that you won't get sick.

Well done, Josiah! Go hard after God!

just missed the actual baptism of Josiah (15) - oldest son of the Gordons - friends from Tauranga, now serving the orphans and disadvantaged children and widows in Uganda - just been here 6 months

some of the family watching

celebrating with a nice dinner afterwards - also with Nicky, another missonary from Tauranga, and Richard!!! More about my time with him later

Today, I'm going to Jinja, where I'll stay with one of the core families of the "Orphans Know More" network! YAY!
Should be an interesting time ~ ~ ~
Probably no internet for a while...

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