Saturday, August 27, 2011

Safely arrived in Uganda!

Just a quick update, as I am waiting for my ride and it's already late...
Had a good flight and was thrilled to set foot again of African soil!

I just LOVE Africa - particularly Uganda - 'course!!!

Sooooo good to be back!!!

Had a very good time in Germany - and YES, I love Germany, too!
Wrote a blog post about my time there but it disappeared strangely just as I was pushing the "publish" button... - oh, well, what's new?

We've had so many communication challenges during this whole trip away - USA - Germany - and here I am in Uganda - and at least for a few minutes, I've got time and internet...

I boarded the wrong train yesterday on my way to Frankfurt airport. Was chatting away with my sister and didn't pay attention that there were 2 trains scheduled in the same direction - just 4 MINUTES APART! I was scheduled to go on the second one, but went on the first one instead.
German precision - imagine that!
Just 4 minutes difference - ya gotta pay attention to the minutes in Germany!

And here I am in Uganda and my ride is already more than 30 minutes late - haha!

Anyways, thank God, the controller came straight as the train left and told me I was in the wrong train and that it wouldn't take me to the airport - oups!!
No problemo, though, was able to hop off at next stop and wait the extra 4 minutes until the right train came chugging along. OUFF! That was close!

When I arrived in Uganda at 2am this morning, there was nobody from the guest-house to pick me up - as arranged.

No problemo again - just took a taxi - and then asked the guest-house to deduct the cost from my room, since airport pick-up is normally included.

Anyways, after a few hours sleep I am off now to spend the day with our beloved son Richard at a baptism service somewhere not too far from here - where I'm also meeting up with the wonderful Gordon-family who moved to Uganda 6 months ago, with their 6 children! Will spend the week-end with them - and Richard! Am so excited!

Traveling alone gives a whole new dimension to my relationship with the Lord.

And as scary it can be at times, it's absolutely, incredibly wonderful!

Cuz JESUS is the best companion, helper, counselor, provider, protector - and HE knows best!

To be so vulnerable, incapable and weak - and - to walk hand in hand with the one who is capable, powerful, all-knowing, wise, loving, caring, protecting, helping - it's "da bomb"!

He's the absolutely best to be walking this journey with!!!

And - by the way, God also came through financially! Not only are my expenses and airfare covered, but I've got blessings to give out to the poor! I"m so grateful and happy! And it came in the most unlikely way - as usual - in the 11th hour (not literally, but almost).

Would appreciate your on-going prayers! Love to all

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