Sunday, December 15, 2013

Drumroll please….

It's NOT that I don't still LOVE the ministry of

"Orphans kNOw More"

Cuz I do



and I think they are doing an INCREDIBLE job,

raising orphaned and vulnerable children in their homes and families

with so much love and excellent care

under very challenging circumstances,

raising up some incredible young people!

I was able to witness it again in several families on my last trip.

I haven't shared much lately about these beautiful Ugandan families

as my life has been "taken over" by a certain young lady 
(and her 36 children)

who has become my daughter and has stolen my heart 
(and time - hehehe).


I've got to share some really exciting news today

about a young man from one of these OKM families.

Rich and I met him on our first visit to Uganda

and then I started communicating with him via email.

I became his 'auntie' and we developed a beautiful relationship!

You can read about his story that didn't start out so well here.

Over the last 3 years, the Lord has allowed me to be a channel of provision to help him through his university studies.

I was most touched on our first visit when I found out that his adoptive family had taken out a loan to allow him to go to university, as they saw potential in him.

This came at a HUGE cost to them who barely seem to be able to feed all the many mouths in their care.

Incredible couple!

Moses and Peninnah with youngest daughter 

Well, I am very proud to announce:

Drumroll please

 Willy has just graduated with a bachelor's degree in 

Project Planning and Entrepreneurship

and he did it with excellence!

I am so proud of him!

What blesses me even more than his academic performance is his humble and compassionate heart!

He is hard-working, faithful and full of faith, courage and integrity!

Not only did he graduate, but has already started his first business,
through an amazing God-connection and subsequent loan.

He wants to help orphaned and vulnerable children and other people in need with the skills he has acquired. What a heart!!!

Ya know,

the solution to Africa's challenges are the very children who may need help for some time.

one of my beloved grand-sons, as an example

Investing in little - and even not so little -  ones -
2 more of Praise's treasures

who not only get an education,

but a family that gives them a sense of belonging and a set of strong values

and most of all GOD

Can there be any better investment into the future of Africa?!

The story of how Willy's last semester got financed is a tribute to our


Willy was already late and couldn't go back to uni for lack of funds.

For some time he and the family - and I - had been praying much for a breakthrough in finances so that he could finish the studies, to no avail.

It was just about past the cut-off date when I happened to be in the home of a couple in Germany,

during a short trip back home to visit my mother who was unwell.

They randomly put a bunch of Euro-bills into my bag

without my knowledge.

When I got home I saw them, counted them, and it was the EXACT amount that Willy still needed!

I knew instantly that this was for him and sent it off right away.

This couple had NO IDEA about Willy or this need!


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