Monday, April 2, 2007

Ever wondered...

...what missionary kids save their money for?

I don't know about others, but our two oldest ones have been working and saving just about every penny for the last 2 years for tickets to go back home.

Now the quiz question is: WHERE IS HOME???

This is THE MOST dreaded question for our kids: "Where are you from?"

Until very recently, Leilani has been answering people, "I'm from Tahiti."

With her looks, she usually gets abit of a surprised look. So now, she says what her brother and sister have been telling people when they are asked THE QUESTION (because of their foreign accent, which is a bit American, but not totally typical):

"My Dad is american, my Mom is German and I was born and raised in Tahiti." (I'm not sure the puzzled look on people's faces gets any better after this explanation).

Anyway, as you may have guessed by now, although our kids LOVE to go back to the US and Germany to see their families, HOME IS TAHITI!

So on Saturday, Nathalie and Jeremie booked flights to go back "home" for 2 1/2 weeks during the July/winter vacation. There was a special for tickets - almost half off the regular price!

Nathalie was just about over the moon!

Jeremie would have been over the moon, too. Except that he is completely exhausted from the rowing championships and not very emotional anyways.

Last year, he told us that he was going die if he couldn't go to Tahiti soon. Now being as non-dramatic of a boy as they get, this sounded an alarm in us parents. He really does need to go back for a visit!

In the meantime, though, as he's saved up money, he realized that he could actually buy himself a car with that money if he wasn't going to Tahiti.

Hard choice - - - since he'll have his restricted licence (can drive by himself during daytime) early May.

Priorities, priorities - - -
We're glad for them to be able to go back home together!

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Kristi Walsh said...

That's awesome news! Glad to hear they get to go home. Loved the picture of them, too. That one's framable! :-)