Tuesday, April 3, 2007


While Rich and Kylie are out choosing some paint for one of our living room walls (the present colour really doesn't match our couch set!) I should be doing all kinds of other things, but I can't resist to write you some more ...

Remember our Samoan friend? We were blown away again by his generosity! He never sends Rich off empty-handed, or let's say, with an empty gas tank!

Besides feeding him a feast on Sunday night, he took him out for breakfast Monday morning, and sent him home with a new/used shirt and a big box full of muesli bars for the kids. His generous heart really blesses us - all the more since we know that he's not swimming in the bucks, either.

How wonderful it is to have Rich back!!!!

Kylie was telling him this morning out of the blue: "I like it that you and Mommy are friends." Isn't that so precious?!

Just like the books say, if you want to show love to your children, the first important thing to remember is to love your spouse. It ministers to them when they see their parents love each other!

Regular separations really help you appreciate each other more than if you see each other every day :)

I'm happy we're friends too!

We've got a very busy week ahead of us and lots of things to get ready before Rich's parents visit! They're arriving on Sunday for a 2-week-long-awaited-visit!!! We're all very excited about it and are planning on doing some excursions that we haven't had time to do since we've arrived in NZ.

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