Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shayden's a champ!

This morning, I took Shayden to the hospital straight from bed (at 6:30am). We were supposed to be there at 7am and he was the first on the list of operations.

He needed grommets (tubes) put in his ears, since he has had chronic "glue ear" a condition that makes hearing hard. He also needed to get his tongue-tie cut. (he'd been on the waiting list for this for over a year!)
Everything went REALLY well.

I was definitely the ONLY ONE that was - let's say - anxious/nervous.
Obviously, he didn't know what was gonna happen...

They started operating at 8:30am and we were back home before 11am. He only cried a tiny bit when he woke up and I wasn't quite there yet and then just cuddled on me for a while.

No whining, nothing! What a champ!

How grateful I am that we live in this day and age - and in this country - where these types of operations are performed at all - and in such a non-traumatic way (I held him until he was put to sleep). PLUS, totally free for us!

THANK YOU, JESUS!!! (I was going to write last night asking for prayer, but the computer was occupied by another family member...)

Now we're hoping and praying that all will heal well and that the little guy will start taking off in his speech - and hopefully - eating!!!

In the recovery room

Dressed and ready to go home!

Kylie's recovering from a bad flu - once again - after she was just healed from a cold - and before that the chicken pox. Seriously, we've HAD ENOUGH of sicknesses in this house - but somehow aren't able to shake them... YET! But we will - with God's help! (I am also taking antibiotics for a recurring sinus infection...)

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