Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Journey to Africa - part 2

Since I still can't figure out the problem with the font, I'll post little by little - - - So, here's part 2:

I tucked that experience away - or put it on the shelf - until it became clear about a year later that indeed, we were to leave Tahiti.

The unexpected - yet anticipated (see below) - arrival of Kylie was the last in a series of clear indicators from the Lord that our time in Tahiti had come to an end and we left Tahiti when she was 2 months old.

Here's her story:

I/we (stronger for me than for Rich) always knew that we would one day adopt a baby, but felt not to pursue it actively. The Lord was going to bring a baby to us one day and we were to wait.
Waiting wasn't easy, especially for our 2 girls who kept begging
us to have another baby or adopt and we just kept telling them to talk to God about it and ask him.
Truth told, I was so overwhelmed with our current life at the time - and exhausted most of the time - that I didn't think I/we could even cope wit
h another child.

Until ~~~~~~ we found out that we were pregnant with Kylie
(Leilani was 7).

The morning I did the pregnancy test and it came out positive, Leilani woke up and told me all excited that she'd had a dream that God had FINALLY given us our baby!
When asking her what colour skin it had (I always thought we'd adopt a dark-skinned baby) s
he said that it was white and it was a girl. And so "it" was...

When Jeremie joined us in the living-room, still half-asleep - Leilani also told him about her dream in great excitement. His answer:
"I already know. Dad told me last night."
Well, it definitely hadn't been Rich that told him ~ ~ ~

When Nathalie found out later that day, she "just" ran around our house
(on the outside) about 3 times, shouting for joy at the top of her lungs!

our little princess, 3 days old

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