Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shayden rascal

Shayden is in that stage where he's outgrowing his afternoon naps.

Some days he still sleeps, other days not (and if he doesn't, he's cranky all afternoon and goes to sleep at the dinner table).

Today was one of those days.

I was sure that he was tired after lunch and put him down. and down. and down. and down.

And he kept coming out of his room. and out. and out... and out

You get the scene - - - I calmly put him back in his bed (without saying anything) every time.

I didn't count but it must have been close to 30, I thought I'd win - WRONG - argghhhh.

When it was clear in the end that he wasn't gonna sleep, I took/kept him out.

Then he proceeded to tell me in the cutest way of a little 3-year-old rascal that hardly talks:

"garble garble - LONELY - garble garble - ROON (bedroom) -

in other words "I was lonely in the bedroom" - it was very clear, no doubt about it!

Sometimes he blows my mind with the understanding of the words he does come up with!

He is also able to point to a number of countries/continents on our world map, after Leilani taught him one afternoon. Every chance he gets, he is eager to show off where New Zealand is, and Australia, and Tahiti, and America, and Africa and Brazil (those just happen to be the countries Leilani taught him)

AMAZInG kid!

God seems to be answering those prayers for healing for his brain (from the effect of alcohol in the womb)

He started getting horse back riding therapy a couple of weeks ago - it is absolutely fantastic and I can't get over how privileged special needs children (and healthy kids, of course) are in New Zealand!!!! WOW!!!!

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