Thursday, September 22, 2011

About grass-huts

Have YOU ever associated Africa with people living in grass-huts?

I have.

While there may very well still be grass-huts - I have yet to see them.
And I don't claim - by any means - to have seen a lot of Africa -

or even Uganda.

I have yet to see LOTS MORE!!!

And I can't wait - as heart-wrenching as it is...

By the way, I am gutted - I lost the photos I took of some HIV+ widows I visited in TERRIBLE conditions (worse than this family)...

A visit with widow Florence, her mother, aunt, and 7 children - 3 of the children are being sponsored for going to school   

The poorest that I have seen, 

and I mean POOR - 

live in small places

some made out of mud

others built with cement.

But they all have tin roofs

Many of them leaking in the rain...

The inside of the hut with all the family's belongings - and this is where they sleep - all 10 of them

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