Friday, September 9, 2011

"Whoever receives a child in my name, receives me."

Went to a Babies Home today, full of adorable, adoptable babies and toddlers, plus a few older ones (up to 7).

Another very touching time!

This home also was started by a young Ugandan single girl - a couple of years ago.

It's full to capacity with 23 babies/children and she cannot take on any more until at least 4 get adopted out.

There's only 1 that has parents pursuing adoption... :(

If I could, I would have picked 3 to take home with me - if not all of them.

Got to hold and care for a sick 4 month old baby girl called Elizabeth - soooo beautiful!! (photos coming sometime)

You can still see the traces of the malnourishment she experienced in her first 2/3 months.

She was found in a gutter...

Today, she had been vomiting and refusing to eat/take liquids all day.

Poor little darling!

I held her for most the time I was there, trying to get some liquid into her every few minutes,

Loving on her,

Praying for her.

To top off my AMAZING trip, I was blessed with a dose of diarrheoa on the clothes that I will be traveling with shortly - just before it was time to leave there - yeeehaa!

That was the first time - usually, the babies are "just" wet and smell like urine (chipped away just a tidbit of the romantic picture I had of African babies... haha)

The Baby Home's founder's biggest desire is for these lil ones to find forever families!

Mine too!!!

Visiting there today made me more convinced than ever of the vision of the "Orphans Know More" leadership:

To motivate Ugandan Christians to adopt!

If every church in the nation could just identify one or 2 families in the church that have the calling to adopt - even just 1 or 2 children - and then come alongside them to help support them as a church -


They could do this ~ ~ ~

Most, if not all of Ugandan orphans could be growing up in a loving Christian home

And there would be ORPHANS NO MORE!!!

The OKM leadership is just now in the process of preparing what is needed for this adoption-awareness-campaign in Ugandan churches.

A documentary is in the making.

There is the need to put some type of training together for prospective foster/adoptive families, proper preparation and support to ensure the quality of care of the children etc.

No small thing.

But I am SOLD OUT to this idea!

Especially after seeing the fruits of adoption into Ugandan families firsthand!!!!

Gotta go, have dinner and off to the airport!

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