Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanking God that we're still alive

This little boy is SOOO special! I love him!!!

He's part of the wonderful family that I stayed with in Uganda -

have a look at the family (just the ones that were home on the morning that I left).

Brian is the youngest - 6.

He wouldn't remember his birth parents.

His mother passed away while giving birth to another sibling, when he was 2.

The baby also died shortly thereafter.

The father was alcoholic and abandoned Brian and his 4-year-old sister.

Belinda was trying her best to care for her little brother, finding food for him here and there.

Eventually, some neighbours got concerned and took the pair to a near-by church,

hoping that somebody would have mercy and take them in.

Nobody did.

Praise ended up taking them

just for 1 night

until she could find somebody else.

She was already caring for 8.

The 1 night turned into 2 nights
and then many more,

as nobody else could be found.

I was so touched on the first evening I was with Brian and Belinda's "forever"- family.

During their family devotions, every child had an opportunity to stand up and give thanks to God for something.

Everything was in Lugandan and I didn't understand anything.

Somebody translated for me what little Brian said:

"I thank God that we are still alive."

Coming from a 6-year-old, this shot like an arrow into my heart.


He knew what he was talking about...

and it was REAL!

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