Saturday, October 15, 2011


I don't hardly get any comments ever on my blog, 

but I KNOW that there are many of you reading it - haha!

So - this is my call to all of you lurkers from 


Next year, from the middle of August until the middle of September, there will be a 

VERY SPECIAL HAPPENIN' on the streets of Europe!

Drumroll, please.....

Inspired by a God-given DREAM to the Kings Kids leader (the wife, Mabel) in Uganda

Combined with a God-given IDEA to me in New Zealand

both about 2 years ago

sealed by mutual amazement about God's leading

and a time of prayer in their home in Uganda

almost 1 year ago,

This project IS gonna happen - YEAH!!

ONLY with God's help

and YOURS!

This is the idea:

Taking some of the ex-orphans in the "Orphans kNOw More"-families

who have been trained and well-prepared

to minister on the streets of Europe  

(there will also be a week in the UK)

sharing the Gospel

and their stories

with their traditional African costumes




They have SO MUCH to give and will be a tremendous blessing to people on the streets who don't know the GOODNESS of God!

The JOY they exude will be like a breath of fresh air for all who'll hear/see them!

Dickson and Mabel already spend 6 months ministering in Europe with a similar team

- before they got married -

and they said that people LOVED SO MUCH what they were doing that they would ask where they'd be going next to follow them around.

We experienced the same thing when we had a team of Tahitians in Germany many moons ago.

Europeans RESPOND so well to what THEY have to give!!!

Our desire is to do this project in collaboration with churches

who would be willing to house the team (about 20 total, including us)

feed us (just for 1 day)

and also give an opportunity for us to share with the Christians about the orphan crisis in Africa.

Besides ministering to non-believers on the streets

~ together with the Christians from the church (if they want) ~

we would want to bring awareness and hopefully raise support amongst the churches,

so that MORE ORPHANS can find loving forever families (in their own country)!!!

So ~ ~ ~ this is YOUR CHANCE to make a difference!

Email me at

and let me know if you think YOUR CHURCH MIGHT want to host our team!

No obligations yet - let's just talk and see

We will have only 1 week in each country

So - you've gotta move QUICKLY if you want us to come to your city!

Watch this space...
I'm very excited about this project

as well as UTTERLY aware of our dependence on GOD for this to come together,

plane tickets and all...




Kimmie said...

bless you as you walk out the call. May He connect you with those he is stirring to movement. I pray you are all greatly blessed and that a great harvest comes of this mission out into the fields.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Elizabeth said...

Amazing project Isabel, where will you be in England? connected with the Peacheys perhaps? let me know dates etc. This year we had Watoto at our church so perhaps too soon to do something similar again but you never know what God has in mind... :-)

Isabel said...

Hi Elizabeth, you're right - the week in the UK will be organized by the Peacheys... You can get in touch with them as time gets closer to see the team :)