Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Rich and I are not the kind of people that are overly funny or laughing a lot.

As a matter of fact, we've oftentimes talked about how we are just both too serious

and how we need more laughter in the family.

I've been hearing laughter in the house now for over an hour


playing with Rich

{after he got back from being gone for almost a week}

It's so refreshing!

This boy has got the GIFT of LAUGHTER!

He laughs about anything and everything and has got the most wonderful sense of humor.

That's the ONE THING that stands out to everyone who gets to know our little treasure.

When we got that phone call from the social worker

over 4 years ago now

about a 6-month-old special needs baby needing care for 2-3 months

and we refused because it was the absolute worst timing

and later accepted, cuz God kept tugging at our heart

And when the first 6 months were so incredibly challenging

(yet enjoyable)

NEVER EVER in our wildest dreams could we have GUESSED that as we were "rescuing" this little one

that HE was going rescue US!

Not only in the laughter-department, but many more...

... like the little-brother-department

 (yup, he's perfect for Kylie, plays with her and she with him, teaches her to forgive over and over etc etc)

God sure has ways that are WAY different than we could ever cook up ourselves.

But - oh, so much better!!!!!!

This little boy is SUCH a BLESSING to our family!!!

He will soon have surgery on his right hand (the better one) to give him the function of at least one thumb. Could be as early as next Thursday, but for now, we don't know. Watch this space!

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Eve said...

What a doll - he just looks like so much JOY! :D