Sunday, October 9, 2011

Richard - our Ugandan son

While the Rugby-World-Cup-Fever is raging

with the New Zealand "All Blacks" playing tonight -

yup, even at this German/American-family - house

my thoughts drift to our big son in Uganda:


Seeing him again on this past trip was bitter-sweet.

Of course, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!

at a local African Restaurant, sharing lunch

He's a wonderful young man!

But I felt some - or rather lots - of pain and loss in him this time.

Last time, he was just so thrilled just to see us, 

his parents.
(as he's been calling us for years now, even though we've just been sponsoring him)

This time he was more vulnerable.

He shared with me how hard it was growing up without parents.

He's had a very hard year, 

been sick lots - even at the hospital several times -

his grandmother being very sick

and a LOT of pressure on him

to provide for the extended family.

To somehow come up with money for this and that need.

Imagine this:

Here you are just barely 20

still at (mechanic) school

and you are expected to provide for a whole extended family.


Because you're the most educated.


isn't he a handsome young man?!!

What struck me the hardest was after he said good-bye and walked off to his dormitory

I watched him walking away

and he just looked so - how can I say??? - beaten up.

Not literally, but in his spirit.

An orphan

with an orphan-spirit.

Empty inside.

So sad!

And yes, he does know God - somewhat - but

What a contrast to the young men I saw at the "Orphans Know More" families.


They all started out as orphans.

But our Richard JUST got an education through our sponsorship.

Yes, an occasional spiritual input.

But what he REALLY NEEDED was a FAMILY!

Parents that care for him,

provide for him

walk through all life's ups and downs with him

and help bring him to a place of HEALING


not just literally, but spiritually!

My heart is aching for you tonight, Richard!
I am sorry that we cannot be the kind of parents to you that you need.
We are not there for you.
We don't even hardly know you.
We are so sorry.
All we can do is PRAY that - somehow - God would give you a revelation of himself as your father and mother - and you as his son!
We love you so much!!!

You did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear,
but you received the Spirit of SONSHIP.
And by him we cry: "Daddy".

Romans 8,15

P.S.: I think he also really missed his Dad Rich this time!!!

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