Monday, May 7, 2007

A BIG day at the Betts'

Today is a memorable day - our first child is in the possession of a driver's licence!!! Watch out New Zealand!
Jeremie got his "restricted" licence, which you can get in New Zealand after passing the road code and having a "learners" licence for 6 months.

He got the "learners" as soon as he could - right after his 15th birthday and has been VERY motivated to learn! Today, the 6 months were up and he passed the driving test!!! He can now drive by himself (only) and up to 10pm until he'll get his full licence in a year or so.

We're so proud of him! He's been very easy to teach and I've got one of those fuzzy-milestone-feelings of mothering - even more so since I was his main teacher :)

Another milestone in the Betts house was reached just a few days ago when Kylie has waived good-bye to diapers for ever - doesn't even need them anymore at night!

We're so proud of her, too, as we are of all our kids - of course :)!!!

I had lots of fun today as I literally spent HOURS playing with Kylie! I felt it was time for a good dose of filling up that love cup - after a busy few days with minimum attention.

There is no greater joy for me - kids are so much fun!

It wasn't quite so fun when I was late with my housework and welcoming my guests tonight with the kitchen/living room still messy. But - hey- that's ok. If I have to sacrifice one thing, I'd rather sacrifice the spotless house than my cute toddler :)!

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