Tuesday, May 15, 2007


When you don't hear from me, it's usually that I'm more busy than normal.
Between Leilani's birthday party with her friends and Rich's departure for Fiji yesterday, there was lots going on at the Betts' house the last few days.

I had a great Mother's Day! My only wish was not to have to do any work at all for a day - this means more to me than gifts - and costs the family more, too ... :)

Rich and the kids treated me to a beautifully set breakfast table, white table-cloth and all, with my favorite breakfast - freshly made vegetable juice and a bowl of natural yoghurt with honey, sliced almonds, grated apple and sliced banana - yumm! The rest of the family had pancakes, they're not so excited about my favorite breakfast :) - strange...

Rich just happened to find a gorgeous orchard in our yard (!) that he put in a vase with some fern - it was/is beautiful!

I thoroughly enjoyed being lazy for a day (except serving at the creche at church)! It was very nice - and worth repeating :)!!!
Another amazing blessing was a poem that Leilani wrote to me - the best piece of writing she's ever done - I was touched to tears by it - sniff, sniff. I am a blessed woman!
So - Rich is gone again :( he's got a very intense and demanding/challenging 2 weeks ahead of him, traveling a lot and meeting with all kinds of people for the preparations of IWT. It would be great if you could keep him in your prayers!

A special bonus is that John Liu, our Chinese/Tahitian friend who has worked with IWT in the past, is accompanying Rich on this trip. This will be nice company and encouragement for Rich. John is on a 3-week vacation and will spend the last week here with us when they get back.

He will also be helping in the area of finances for the campaign - with his expertise as an accountant! What a blessing!

YET another BIG day was yesterday, as Kylie started "Kindi" - or preschool!!! To start out with, she will be going for 2 1/2hours 3 afternoons a week.

She is so amazingly independent! Today was only her 2nd day and she told me that I didn't need to stay with her. She has no problem staying with 43 children and teachers she doesn't know - and that right after she got bit by one of the pet-rats at the preschool (with quite some blood...) - yuck!

What a trooper, my little baby-girl, who's not a baby any more at all!!!
Forgot to mention that she had her first public "performance' on Sunday. She was filmed during the week to do the announcements for the church services - together with a little boy. They were supposed to act like news reporters. We had the most hilarious time filming them, and the congregations (3 services) cracked up, too, when they saw them on the big screen! She's quite a character, that's for sure!

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