Monday, May 21, 2007


It's not that I've got nothing else to do but blog along - - -
I'm escaping the dishes that are calling me from the kitchen.
I'm really tired (didn't get a rest yesterday after all) and writing comes easier to me than doing dishes.
Here's a photo of Jeremie in his school-uniform.
Isn't that a crack-up?! Even Rich hardly ever gets dressed-up like that...
Handsome young man he is (Jeremie, I mean) - Rich is handsome, too :), and I miss him - sniff sniff
If Jeremie looks a bit "miserable" to you it's because he's been sick. He got all ready this morning to go to school and then realized he was still too weak - and ended up staying home.

I was just thinking today what a contrast our life is now compared to 2 years ago shortly after we'd arrived in NZ - lonely with no friends - - -

I remember having to exhort myself repeatedly to be patient, just patient - and that we're going to make new friends - it just takes time.
Now our social lives are so full that we don't even have the time to call and see everybody we'd like to - let alone meet new people like the new neighbours. But even that will come :)
What a change - especially for Nathalie who was so discouraged with our church youth group when hardly anybody had talked to her in her first 10 months! She now knows so many people (from school, church and work) that I can't ever walk around with her anywhere in town without meeting several people she knows - she's got a real gift at making friends and being a friend, too.

Off to the kitchen I go. Good night!

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