Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Photos from Fiji

If you are interested in seeing a few photos of the people that Rich works with in Fiji, you can have a look at a friend's blogspot
Misty and Josh live here in Tauranga and Josh goes back and forth to Fiji just like Rich, helping to set up the campaign.
The photos were taken last week during a staff retreat for all the people that are involved in the Impact World Tour project in Fiji. Rich was supposed to have been there, too, but we couldn't finance his trip.

He is leaving for Fiji on Monday again for a couple of weeks. Be bought his ticket "by faith"... his trips are getting to be quite a challenge financially - but he just HAS to go. Would appreciate your prayers for God's provision!

Jeremie had his first painful encounter with another person's head during a Rugby practice and got his nose broken... OUCH! Good thing he was able to set it straight by himself right afterwards. Now it just needs time to heal - no cast :)

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Steve said...

We will be praying for finances for all the trips!! This new music I got from IHOP is a whole album about God's faithfulness, He will provide!
Love to you all!