Sunday, June 24, 2007

Asking for prayer

Here is a short update I just sent out to those that pray for us:

There are times when Rich and I handle our times of separation quite easily. Other times are harder – like this time. We miss each other A LOT!!!

Last night, I had a vivid dream that left me with the sense that our marriage is under attack from the enemy. I found out talking with Rich on the phone today that the wife of the Fijian leader for IWT had a very similar dream last night. Hmmm, interesting…

Heading up a big project like what’s happening in Fiji is always like being on the frontlines of a battle-field. In our case, Rich’s frequent travels to Fiji definitely put a strain on our marriage. When he’s home, we do get to catch up, but there are so many things to take care of that the level of stress is significant – and the intimate, romantic side of the marriage suffers.

Soooo, if you think of us, it would be nice if you could pray for a hedge of protection around our marriage – and that of Taubale and Ofa – and all other couples involved in the project. That we would be able to have quality time when we do get to be together and that our marriages would thrive – in the midst of the battle and sacrifices – and our love for each other increase.

Yesterday, Leilani came down with a violent case of the flu – PLEASE PRAY for quick healing and that nobody else in the family would get it!!! I will drive Nathalie and Jeremie to Auckland to the airport on Wednesday, as they will fly out to Tahiti. I will pick up Rich a few hours after the kids’ departure. So we really ALL need to be well. It looks like Rich will only stay home for 9-10 days before heading off to Fiji again.

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