Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kylie's special appointment with God

One more addition to our "Special Outing":
Benny Hinn was very strong about not allowing any noise, distractions or children playing in the aisles while he was preaching and we were hoping that Kylie would stay still. She was absolutely amazing and sat still during the 4 1/2 hours of the meeting!!! I guess there were more miracles than healings and salvations :)

What blew me away was that Kylie was actually listening to the preaching. She sat on my lap colouring and every so often looked up to me, reacting to something Benny Hinn said. Like the time he said "We're all going to die". She looked up at me with an open mouth and amazement in her face, repeating quietly, yet dramatically to me, "We're going to die!"

When the altar call for salvation came, she put up her hand. After a few more explanations, Benny said for every one that had put up their hand to come forward to the stage. So Kylie jumped off my lap and started to go forward - with me following, of course.
And there, in front of 12.000 people, along with hundreds of people, sucking on her thumb, she made a public statement that she wanted to belong to Jesus. She readily repeated the prayer and was happy as (as they say here). I felt that she really understood what she was doing - in her 3-year-old way. BEAUTIFUL!!!

One more thing: the next morning around 6am (Rich and I shared a bedroom with Leilani and Kylie that night) when everyone was still fast asleep after a late night - Kylie woke us up by saying: "Mom - - - I really love you!" When I didn't react cuz I was still trying to sleep - she repeated herself a few minutes later, until I responded.
Isn't that so sweet? Now how's that for losing sleep - compared with the many other times our children robbed our sleep in the past - - -

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