Sunday, June 3, 2007

Catching up (and fish) time

My lack of writing is due to "happy happenings" at our home last week. It's been great catching up with Rich and also having John with us!

John was such a blessing to Rich in Fiji and then to us here!

On Wednesday, he treated Rich and a couple of guys from the House of Prayer to a day of fishing. It was a gorgeous day with fantastic fishing! They were taken out by a charter boat that normally takes up to 30 people - that day it was just the 4 of them! They had an awesome time!

And the rest of the family enjoyed some raw fish salad on their return - yumm! Even after a few give-aways we still have more fish in the freezer!

Here are the fishermen with some of the fish

And Jeremie preparing a plate of raw fish for himself - thinly sliced with Olive oil and salt! You should have seen the passion he prepared this with, it took him a LONG time and then he was reluctant to share it... :)

He doesn't show excitement very much, but boy, did it come out then - my island boy!

As for the hoped-for photos from Fiji - well - - - they weren't quite the 250+ I expected to see - - - :) John just took a few so here are a couple.

For more photos I guess I'll have to go myself one day.

This is a service where Rich was preaching and sharing about the vision for IWT.

Having a cup of tea with one of the local people

Sitting with a planning committee and explaining them what they need to do.

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