Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thanks for your Prayers!

Ok, here's a short report about yesterday:


  • Got out of the house on time and without stress

  • AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL scenery, as the rolling hills and everything was covered in frost - yeah folks, it's WINTER here!

  • Smooth trip up to Auckland and didn't get lost all day :)


  • Leilani had to stay in the van at the airport for 2 hours (it was warm enough). She was too weak to stand up (she could have stayed in Tauranga with friends but insisted she was well enough to go)

  • Nathalie almost passed out while standing in line for check-in. She was so miserable and pale that I almost didn't let her go. We found out today, as she was going through security (after I'd left), she graced the floor with what had been a milkshake just half an hour before. She was quite sick and feverish during the flight and still is. SHE NEEDS PRAYER and so does the family she's staying with - 9 people plus our kids!!!

  • As I was at the airport with Nathalie and Jeremie, Kylie was getting worse and complaining about an ear-ache. It got so bad after we left the airport that she was crying with pain non-stop, asking to be taken to a doctor.


  • Amazingly, I found a doctor, although I had no clue where there was one (long story involving a taxi ride...). He treated Kylie for free and we got medication for her. She is still quite sick.

  • It seems that Jeremie was very kind and helpful to Nathalie on the trip and his cold is getting bette. Good news!

  • Rich's plane came in on time and we had a smooth trip back - got home just after 8:00pm

I won't go into the "lowlights" of yet another miserable night with sick Kylie, but it sure is nice to have Rich back! We talked for hours last night. After helping during the night, he made the fire this morning and let me stay in bed and catch up on sleep (or kind of sleep, with the constant back-ground "noise" of coughing going on by the girls).

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